Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monday & Tuesday Update

On Monday, Kristen & Kali came to visit.  Dylan did about 40 minutes in his stander, but was either tired or too excited by the company to do any longer~ he also went in the stander later than usual.  He also got a long bath & massage. We read books in the evening~ Dylan & Hope sat together for the reading, co cute :)

On Tuesday, Dylan went back to school from Xmas break.  He bit Miss Jill, the aid.  Just like last time he bit her, by evening it was clear Dylan was sick.  He is being kept home from school today, Wednesday, due to a croupy sounding cough.. Hope has the same cough :(  On Tuesday, after his nap, Dylan did a solid hour in his stander.  He played with his slinky as well as one of the larger squishy balls (the one with the short rubber "hairs").  I keep forgetting to do his splints & am going to make sure that along with using the stander, this becomes a top priority.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture Taken Dec 30th, 2011 :)

Sunday Update

Dylan rocked his hour out in his stander.  He was allowed to watch "Rachel Ray" to keep him motivated.  He played with his slinky and even played with a musical caterpillar for a while.  He got a bath and a massage in the morning as well.

After his nap, Dylan played with the Sparkabilities app.  We worked on watching a few of the shape movies.  While he watched and enjoyed them, he does not appear to be able to differentiate between the shapes yet.  He seems to just guess.  Two dimensional objects are the toughest for cvi kids to interpret, and Dylan is no exception. It is something we will continue to work on.  He is doing well with voluntarily naming colors (ie "Mommy is wearing red").

Uncle Sean came and played with Dylan in the evening. Dylan did a record 58 squats.  He also rolled and moved a lot for his Uncle Sean.  They had fun playing the "And then" game as well.

ARGH~ I forgot to get Dylan's elbow splint on him!!!  He is due to get it on his left arm today (Monday).

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday Friday & Saturday Update

Dylan stood for 1 hour in his stander on Thursday!!  You could really see that something clicked for him~ finally! I think he was finally enjoying then sensation and different view etc. from being in a straight up position.  Hopefully, this will help give a good jump in his progress. He also did 20+ squats for his Uncle Sean Thursday night. Yesterday, Friday, he had no therapy as we spent most of the day at the Dr.'s..  He needed a flu and Hep B shot.  He did get 2 long baths to keep hi muscles relaxed.  Today, the last day of 2011, he is more than halfway through an hour of standing.  He is doing a great job~ I told him he could watch "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" as long as he stands tall & keeps his head up.  So far so good!   We did about 20 minutes of reading with glasses on this morning.  Dylan also took a long bath & got a massage.  He even had fun doing about to "push-ups".  He wore his elbow splint on his right arm for about 20 minutes. He was still tired after his nap & just relaxed & took it easy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daily Log~ Wednesday Progress

Dylan did a great job yesterday.  He spent a half hour in the stander~ video posted.  He wore his elbow splint on his left arm for about 20 minutes. (We are working up to wearing it all night long.)  He had a long, relaxing bath and a massage.  He ate well at all meals.  We also read a few books and played with the ipad for vision therapy.  We used the Sparkabilities app.  I love the app, but it is very glitchy and keeps quitting.  Dylan did a great job tracking and keeping his glasses on. He also did a great job keeping his head up~ we read the books and used the ipad on the couch.  (He is supposed to wear his glasses all the time.  However, he seems to not like them and either takes them off himself, or asks to have them off.  We are working on getting him to wear them all the time.)  He also spent about a half hour last night in his positioning chair and ate cheez its.  He did a great job feeding them to himself.

This coming year, 2012,  is the year of miracles.  Dylan WILL get stronger and gain more independence and movement.  He WILL learn to walk.  And he WILL have fun during all his therapies to the point where he doesn't even realize that he is "working."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Start, New Year

With 2011 closing, I have decided that great things are in store for 2012.  I will be recording my son's progress and therapies on a regular basis.  With a positioning chair, stander, new afo's, and an ipad, we hope for great progress!  I will also be reviewing which ipad apps I like best for a child with cvi & cp.  Here is to a great 2012!